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European perspective

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Thanks to a 'Small Business Grant' from Facebook, Maarifa Promotions can help us to reach out with the Silk Road Cultural Belt in countries or cities where we seek to inspire #responsiblelisteners, who are open to learn about the European perspective on the global term 'New Silk Road'. This could lead to a wider exchange between people, for whom classical music is an important part of life - to learn from each other independently from the geographic location each individual is based in time and space. Facebook helps us to share a multidimensional perspective on this global term, especially in the European context of the #EuropeanSilkRoad as a positive idea from the wiiw in Vienna - another completely new idea for a Silk Road. Very much looking forward to the personal sources of inspiration from #responsiblelisteners in Chinese provinces & Cities like Yunnan, Zhejiang & Shanghai.


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