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Our Artistic & Musical Background

The Silk Road Cultural Belt as an idea of our time became our priority since it's official launch in February 2016.

Thanks to the Callias Foundation we have been given the great chance to equip the increasing attention for the sources of inspiration on the Silk Road Cultural Belt with our support. We feel encouraged to be part of this global initiative and to engage people for whom classical music is an important part of life, to redefine the idea of the background of the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra by sharing their personal idea of silk on the Silk Road Cultural Belt.  

What drives us as an orchestra is: We want to understand you, our international audiences and invite you, to become an active and conscious co-author not only of the Silk Road Cultural Belt we believe in as an idea, but of our concerts in Berlin and one day soon along the Silk Road and beyond.

As artists we believe that the Silk Road Cultural Belt as a unique narrative for Europe in a global context provides an inspiring platform to share what each of us believes to be 'Silk' in classical music: basic human qualities, as they are expressed in different forms of classical music and to create together with you the conditions music of highest quality in our common understanding deserves.

We want to learn from you, from the Conference of the Birds, what Silk in music means to you by sharing one piece of music from your 'play-list' as a link, a video, or a mp3 file and leaving it in the Belt for others.

In 2024 / 2025 for the Berliner Dialogkonzerte we will choose one piece of music (Solo/Silk/Symphony) from the Silk Road Cultural Belt and include it in our program.

As a reward for your source of inspiration Callias Foundation will mention your name in our program, website and press release.


This way you can support the SRSO to reach its aim, to create together with a virtual and real audience an active form of dialogue and to give another vision to the idea of the European Flag and its 12 stars.  

A heartfelt thank you to all the courageous co-authors of the SRCB from New York, Kinshasa, Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Amsterdam and other Cities for all your contributions in 2019 to make this idea happen.

To give you an example: Hannah, a New York based music lover shared 'Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten' by Arvo Pärt as her personal source of inspiration and placed it in the northern part of China.

We combined it with the 1st Violin Concerto by Sergej Prokofiev and Ludwig van Beethovens

7th Symphony in A-Major op. 92 for our first recording

On the 26th of April 2018 the SRSO performed 'Ramification' by Gyorgy Ligeti, 'Fantasia' 3 by Achim Burg and the 'Grosse Fuge' op. 133 by L.v. Beethoven at the Artist Weekend in Berlin.  

On the 2nd of June 2018 the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra & Barocksolisten played at the NEUES MUSEUM in Berlin BWV4, 106 and BWV 12 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Barbara Schnitzler from Deutsches Theater read a fragment from the Bhagavadgita joining Steffen Lehbrink with a fragment from Homers Ilias and the Gilgamesh epos.

This was followed by a series of 'Berliner Dialogkonzerte' in 2022 / 2023 and will be continued in 2024.  

The more people share their personal perception of Silk in music,
the more inspiration we create together.


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