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Sacred Spaces

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


A series of online concerts in sacred places along the Silk Road Cultural Belt - with partners & friends of the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra - curated by Jan Moritz Onken.

Why this name ? We believe that sacred spaces - like churches or other religious objects - are for each and everyone of us and not only for 'chosen ones' or for those, who are already familiar with classical music. 'Sacred Spaces' is an opportunity, to join other people, who are developing and improving their individual qualities. We want to emphasize the understanding, that each individual has the right to attend a sacred space and to discover these possibilities within themselves.

We will start this musical journey on the 25th of November at 7 pm at our YouTube-Channel with a concert of the Italian harpist Emanuela Battigelli at the Church of Sant' Antonio Abate in San Daniele del Friuli, not far from Udine in Italy.

Emanuela Battigelli will play on the Irish harp a program inspired by Saint Martin's Summer.


Traditional Jewish: Adon Olam (Hymn to the Eternal)

Traditional Jewish: Kol Nidre

Emanuela Battigelli: L'estate di San Martino *

Emanuela Battigelli: Zerogravità

Lou Harrison: Avalokiteshvara

Magnar Åm: Shepherd Song (Mongolian folk song)

* world première. Inspired by the painting Estate di S. Martino

(2019, oil on panel) by Bruno Cerboni Bajardi.

A special thanks for the possibility to record at the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate to the Municipality of San Daniele del Friuli, the Civica Biblioteca Guarneriana and Monsignor Sergio de Cecco - Parrocchia di San Michele Arcangelo.

Callias Foundation

Photocredit: Veronica Mauro

Photocredit: Emanuela Battigelli


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