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First drafts

Thanks to the kind introduction of Frannie A Léautier today we had a first brainstorming with Claudia Knobloch (endeva), Jan Moritz Onken, Pati Keilwerth, an expert on VR apps and interactive apps and Oliver Brod, the founder of the well known for the 'European Silk Road - VR / AR App' where we aim to create an interactive tool where European citizens and the cultural sector can share, upload etc. their visions and ideas for the 'European Silk Road' to make sure that the idea itself finds wide support among European citizens. Still an early stage draft but thanks to their great expertise we defined some of the key questions on which we will work further for a clear plan.

It would be great to find your ideas in the comment section to understand better how to choose the appropriate form and how to identify and to involve the right partners.

Thank you !



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