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Hidden abilities

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How would you compose a Silk Road ? Take this Pinboard as an example of how you can structure your priorities (1.2.) by using the terms we are introducing in the Silk Road Cultural Belt as a unique narrative for Europe one by one with your personal order and create a Pinboard for each of these terms f.e. #orchestra (1) than #background (2) or #Roads (1) than #Culture (2) etc. and share your perception in relation to these terms with a global community. This would be a wonderful way of using a platform like Pinterest and the enormous diversity of different qualities in a certain - in our case - European frame of terms and confirming questions. From a European perspective there can and should never be a 'monopolized' or 'state owned' form of taste or perception. As human beings we are all way too individual and to develop this individuality is part of the cultural dimension of the 'European Silk Road'. #ComposeYourSilkRoad


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