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Very glad to share the news that the Adam von Trott - Foundation will host a 'Imshäuser Gespräch' on the 14th of February 2020 in Imshausen in cooperation with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Callias Foundation. The key topic is the idea and vision for a 'European Silk Road' as proposed by Dr. Mario Holzner, Philipp Heimberger and Artem Kochnev from the Vienna Institut for International Economic Studies (wiiw). Our Artistic & Musical Director Jan Moritz Onken will join and moderate a panel of exceptional experts in their particular field of expertise to discuss the concept, possibilities and limits of this idea.


Dr. Mario Holzner, Managing Director of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and Co-author of the 'European Silk Road' (Keynote) Luc Pierre Devigne, Deputy Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia. Director for Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia and OSCE. European External Action (Keynote) Prof. Tilman Mayer, Universität Bonn Jan Moritz Onken, Callias Foundation Moritz Rudolf, Eurasia Bridges Astrid Skala-Kuhmann, Senior Advisor China Markus Hipp, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Welcome to join us !

More information here


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