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On Friday the 27th of September 2019 the 1st 'EU Asia Connectivity Forum' took place in Brussels starting with a Partnership on Sustainable Connectivity and Quality Infrastructure signed between the European Union and Japan.

We are very honored that our Artistic & Musical Director could represent Callias Foundation, the Silk Road Cultural Belt & the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra in this important meeting with more than a thousand government, business and thought leaders from around the world. This event brings to life the EU's global connectivity strategy #EUconnectivity.

"#EUconnectivity as an example of an idea which is expressing a well balanced form of common values as a condition for compatibility of the shared terms . Shinzo Abe is confirming this idea #SilkRoadCulturalBelt #EuropeanSilkRoad #JapaneseSilkRoad #responsiblelisteners"

(JMO via Twitter)

"@paragkhanna sharing his vision of the term 'Connectivity' . Interesting position at the #EUconnectivity . Don't agree with the view that 'Europe' is not an idea. #EU is introducing the WAY on the Global Table. #EuropeanSilkRoad idea can deepen this position . #responsiblelisteners " (via Twitter)

"True ! Very good point of Romana Vlahutin and Bruno Maçães . „You need to think big“ and „Europe is strong“. Projection of the term #EUconnectivity with great enthusiasm and a very sharp eye and ear on ethical compatibility . #responsiblelisteners

@EU_Commission" (via Twitter)

"The #EU #Asia connectivity Forum leaves a very positive impression. I‘m really excited of how things are done at such a format. Really people-to-people approach - open, strong, straightforward, positive and with clear terms for a sustainable #EUWay" (via Twitter)


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