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Berliner Dialogkonzerte

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

A heartfelt thank you to the Conference of the Birds at the Silk Road Cultural Belt who made a #pieceofsilk their priority. This dialogue with #responsiblelisteners all over the world is very precious to us in so many ways because it is leading to the #berlinerdialogkonzerte.

In the context of #responsiblelisteners we would like to share with you certain key-questions which we apply to our background: the Silk Road Cultural Belt & the Conference of the Birds. You are welcome to join this dialogue at

We love to learn about your priorities when it comes to the idea of #responsiblelisteners not only in classical music but in relation to the universe, nature, the elements, birds, rivers, mountains and the sea. We are looking forward for your #pieceofsilk which expresses f.e. the #whysilk of a mountain, a desert or a landscape. Your priorities - Your Silk.

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