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A bird in a feather.

We are happy to present to you the beautiful Logo of Maarifa Promotions developed by Molina Visuals.

Let's look together at this bird in a feather as a sign, that we must go beyond the existing concepts of humanism - also in the music world. We believe that the idea of humanism must include the idea of basic human qualities in the sense of the french revolution. If our faith and trust in the 'other' ends at the Tanzanian, Russian, Kazakh, Digital or Chinese border, or at the judgement border, that sharing a piece of silk on a Digital Silk Road, a you-tube-link of your favorite interpretation of Schönberg's 'Gurrelieder' on the SILK ROAD CULTURAL BELT, with a short description of your personal idea of quality in music observed by more then 310.000 visiting birds, and you believe this is pure nonsense, then, it doesn't make sense to claim to have trust in 'other qualities' - even in your self - maybe foreign to our own quality as a bird. Then we can not claim to have a wide focus or a basic humanistic attitude towards other ideas of humanism f.e. Asian or Persian humanism as we can discover in Rumi, Konfuzius or Hafez. Yes, East and West are certainly two different birds, but as long as trust and understanding is limited to the own Conference of the Birds we can not call it a basic Humanism with a global quality. It remains to be a local Humanism exclusive to our own limited and often exclusive definition. This does not mean to make everything equal but it means that we want to see the bird in the feather - the basic human quality in the other first . Equal, free on the level of brotherhood (Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite) and then second - we can share even the differences freely and respectfully. Only then we can discover the fact, that the other is a different bird with an entire Conference of qualities and talents we just didn't want to understand to be a quality in itself. Because of that trusting it's quality. Trusting, that this quality can make a repertoire or an interpretation richer and that it can add a different tonality or interval. A different sound culture, a different concert language. Without fear. Beyond the 'human' aspect in a limited definition of a local stereotype. Basic human quality before all the differences. We trust that this way, the idea of Humanism as a Silk Road between an orchestra (THESRSO) and it's global audience, online and offline is based on basic trust even if You are in Surat (India) or in Sudan - with a mobile telephone discovering the Silk Road Cultural Belt on your screen in a slum. It's never 'just' a 'piece of silk' - NEVER - it's never just a feather without a bird. NEVER ! The idea can come from the moon. We never know, but thanks to your trust in us we can develop our own background of basic human qualities: Because of You ! And you don't have to. On a very basic level you even have the right to be ignorant so to speak also we have faith in your generosity and precise and literally faith in basic human rights and duties. And this does not mean that we are neglecting differences and injustice. We are fully aware and understand that some of us live without these rights and duties. This is why we believe in the 17 SDG's and that these challenges must be faced with new approaches. And it does not mean that we are not grateful for the enormous privilege to have clean water and bread - realizing that some of our listeners are literally in the desert without water and even bread - following us on the Silk Road Cultural Belt in many countries in Africa, Central Asia and in places of war and conditions beyond human dignity - observing, that our audience is partly even in Syria and Iraq - but we do what we can to share what we have, to create a system, where we can find answers with our audience together - world wide - to promote a literally inclusive and participative approach - to reach out to you directly: With a question first, with music of deepest meaning and our own form of serving this musical language. And we trust that it gives you at least a breath of hope that you can find strength in your self to compose your own Silk Road. Learning from the many other ideas of Silk and ways of life. Who said that it has to be a 5 meter Silk Road ? Who has a Silk monopole ? We trust, that you understand, that your sources of inspiration are dear to us and we will keep them protected on the Silk Road Cultural Belt under the Patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO. Your sources of inspiration on the Silk Road Cultural Belt make us fly also It seams that trust is not understood as a basic human quality yet - in so many ways - so let's find and strengthen it together. That the idea of humanism in the 21st century remains to make sense also in music.


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