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A Digital Silk Road

The wonderful thing about the SRCB is, that the background is never the same. Of course a digital 'Sternenhimmel' can never compensate a real sky at night and the thousands and thousands of stars behind - but still, in a digital context it is amazing what technologies can create and what they can transform or bring together. There are even sunsets on the SRCB and you can listen to a musical source of inspiration f.e. 1st Violin concerto by D. Schostakovich from a music lover from f.e. Miami located in Tanzania and enjoy the many associations only a combination like this in a non-commercial context can evoke. Enjoy and of course! We shall never mix a real concert situation and a real and unique sunset with a digital universe. But as musicians of our time we have to reflect on the opportunities of digital media in our artistic context and we believe : it can be truly inspiring because the very personal sources of inspiration come from people all over the world (152.000 visitors so far). CALLIAS FOUNDATION

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