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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Many friends and colleagues have asked us again and again why the Silk Road Cultural Belt

is a unique narrative for Europe and why we made it our priority since 2016.

In the end it is simple: Because it is the right test and frame of criteria for us.

Take one word and test it how it is used: For example the word 'Europe'.

You can use the word 'Europe' in the frame of the word 'Europe' or in the frame of

a dynamic meaning, right ? So for us the question was how to test 'it' in a right way with all the

respect to freedom of word, freedom of conscience, freedom from fear and freedom from poverty.

Now, if you take certain factors like 'earth' as a key-background of the word 'Europe' then

there should be space for multiple perspectives of this background still being 'earth' and at the same time 'it' should still have a clear frame that it is an expression of certain necessities (priorities).

The choice we see is very clear: Or 'two in one' or 'explicit confirmation'.

Just proof and use it yourself. Take one word and ask yourself, wether one of the factors presented in this vision applies to the word you are using.

Jan Moritz Onken

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