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The Conference of the Birds & ITZ

We would like to inform you, that CALLIAS FOUNDATION has joined the 'Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft' (ITZ) and has included a 'Transparency'-page to inform the public about the inner structure behind the Conference of the Birds and the two main projects of CALLIAS FOUNDATION in Berlin to avoid any speculations or misunderstanding about our artistic motives:

There you can study more about our goals, supporters, activities and statutes which aim to guarantee a stable, transparent and sustainable governance structure in the coming years. So far these informations are only available in German. You are welcome to contact CALLIAS FOUNDATION directly for other languages. The reason why we decided to join the ITZ is simple: The Conference of the Birds is composing its own background of the Silk Road in musical terms where it is OK to appear at the Conference of the Birds with a Pseudonym. As a non profit organisation with registered trade marks and copyrights it is important for us to be determined to work towards international transparency regulations to build trust in these values and open approach.


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