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Absence of understanding

Imagine a situation, where you have the great chance to ask 10.000.000 people how they would compose a silk road. Even if the respond would be for years: silence - and a big question mark in their eyes. Wouldn't that be a fascinating moment to share ? To observe together, that something happened that for many of us it seams impossible at first sight to answer this question without a Visa from one or another circle ? Is this a joke ? They ask me ? Me ? Why me ? Who am I to be asked from a Symphony Orchestra called the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra? Isn't this strange, that there is so little trust in a group of 82 musicians just asking a simple question? And the dominating reaction seams to be, that the absolute majority in the audience thinks automatically that this must be some virus or just crazy musicians who have nothing to do between rehearsals. Let's ask together: Is this just nonsense ? We think: No. Why should it be nonsense, to involve You in a creative process? Is this superficial ? Do we ask you to pay first ? No, we ask questions and we just believe that the shared insight in your reflection is a wonderful form of support from you personally, because this way we not only create something together, but we create conditions for 82 musicians to perform along the Silk Road in Teheran, Istanbul, Almaty, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, St. Petersburg and Vienna , again , with you together - and this way we can develop together different and new aspects in the relationship with our audience which of course remains 'local' and at the same time connected to a larger global background no matter where we perform. This might be the botanical Garden or the RBB in Berlin or the Rudaki Foundation in Teheran.

If there is so much silence, how would you react ? Is it because we learned some english ? No, we believe english is a wonderful form of communication in the international community and we all have our mother-language and we are not afraid to loose it. We thought, that english just opens a larger horizon when it comes to reach out to you, which means by now international audiences and we reached out to audiences in 225 countries. Is this too abstract ? It's crazy, isn't ? No. It's not. It is what it is. We love it. 310.000 visitors. We observe that the understanding of the importance of trust and curiosity for the other is challenged by chauvinism and narrow focus. Is this negative ? Q: Is fear more constructive ? No. So many questions. Directly speaking:

We believe that classical music and the great heritage of this kind of culture including the great repertoire of contemporary classical music (symphonic repertoire and Opera) is an inspiring example of trust and curiosity for the ideas of quality and conditions, composers like L. v. Beethoven or G. Ligeti have left to be discovered as a form of silk which can make the relationship between human beings more open and trustful. Is this too abstract ? Why? Maybe it is just different. Do you consider yourself to be curios ?

And do you really believe, that culture itself was the result of one specific nation ? Is it so simple ? We believe that culture is a distinction in which the entire earth participated. It is all connected and

we believe that it is natural to imagine a relationship with an international audience like being a Silk Road. The same, we believe, is between different backgrounds as language, culture, religious systems or tonalities. If we truly believe in basic humanistic qualities as trust and kindness towards each other, then let's compose a Silk Road together - between the many citizens not only along the Silk Road Cultural Belt but between the many listeners in the audience. We, as an orchestra of 82 musicians, can do this only through music. This is our daily bread. Without trust - there will be no Silk Road because the systems are trying to overpower each other. Does it create deeper trust ? More understanding in basic humanistic values ?

We want to know our audiences along the Silk Road - beyond political systems. As Birds. This is our humble contribution but imagine, people from all parts of the world would just share a piece of silk - one you tube link with classical music they love - would that be too abstract ? Too much ? No, we for sure will learn from each other and the benefit is beyond the individual or personal interest. Is this so hard to understand ? Why ? At this stage it seams beyond the obvious. That's great. Great absence of understanding. Wonderful ! So we can discover why it seams so hard to trust in each other. Let's face it. Don't just go away. Is it all about competition ? We believe there is a space beyond that. We believe, that we should leave this space open - otherwise we will never discover something new. At least in music. As musicians. And we respect the right of not wanting to understand. We don't have the answer - but we created a system to discover the answer together. Still, we can only move forward with concrete steps and we trust that you understand that the Conference of the Birds shall just be a sign to the Universe...because of you. Because we trust your capacity to respond as a human being. Imagine: our audience is a very creative and active audience. They started to compose their Silk Road with people from all over the world. Not forced by anyone, just generously - and we are grateful for the great privilege, that the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra got the rare chance to become the background of the Conference of the Birds. The Silk Road Cultural Belt is there. We trust that it becomes a source of inspiration also for you.


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