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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

To what extend are we different ?

To what extend do we have things in common ?

Have you ever tried to answer this question ?

To what extend does the prophet of subject A

differ from the prophet of subject B ?

To what extend has the east things in common with the west ?

The north with the south ?

To answer this question is impossible. Practically impossible - and it is the wrong question.

There is genealogy. There are different trees. There are different friends.

Some are more developed, some less. Others are still a potential point.

Looking from a position like the universe at the Silk Road Cultural Belt

the question must be of different nature: Beside all differences and similarities,

first of all - We are all children of this universe, aren't we ? If not, what else ?

And the only question I can think of is: How can we develop and act together ?

With mutual understanding. With mutually agreeable common actions where each subject,

individual or sector, independent from its social organization or system of truth is allowed to be a self.

I only wonder: If we all want this but don't act accordingly, than the question arises wether we really have

the motivation to reach the point of mutual and common actions, development and understanding, not only in the world of classical music. If evolution is only about the ability to trust and we all preach to trust each other, what is the reason why there is so little real motivation to trust when it comes to differences ?

The ten commandments have a very positive hidden meaning.

There is no literalness.

Jan Moritz Onken

(c) Callias Foundation


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