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A global co-creation process

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It is just one and half years ago that the idea to found the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra appeared at the 5th BMW Foundation Global Table in Tanzania. Since then an unimaginable process evolved and by today an entire Conference of Birds from all corners of the world joined us to make this idea a success. It is fascinating that so many different individuals can work at the same time at geographically different places towards one common goal: to create an inspiring environment of conditions to bring the idea of 82 musicians to life: the idea of the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra and the Silk Road Cultural Belt to compose a New Silk Road from a European perspective with a global audience. Alejandra Solìs from Molina Visuals in Mexiko works on the texts for Maarifa. Prof. Yu Zhang from our board of Trustees is negotiating in Beijing, Betül Gülbay from the BMW Foundation helping us with a turkish translation, Anna Iventjeva from Latvia helping with a Russian translation, Wen Xu from Bruxelles/Shanghai helping with a Chinese translation, Ludmilla Filippova from the Global Table helping us via Skype to correct texts in Moscow and Ilsabe von Campenhausen introducing us to the Penderecki Center in Poland and many many other inspiring birds with ideas and wonderful support. We are grateful for every piece of silk and trust, that this way we will compose a New Silk Road from a European perspective together.


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